Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

-By Brian Henninger

In this week’s blog/video discussion I wanted to touch on an aspect of training, and growth as a dancer that can get tough to navigate for some people. The topic I am speaking of is versatility. Specifically, Versatility in different styles of movement and how it affects your growth in each individual style. We all know its important to be versatile in this industry. We all know that the more movement vocabulary you have the more well rounded you will be. How then can you train in so many different styles but still make sure you are progressing enough to see real growth? How much is too much in terms of spreading yourself too thin. How can you be sure that you are progressing and making yourself marketable as a dancer, while still staying strong in your base styles of dance?

I was asked a great question that encompassed all of this recently and instead of writing a long winded blog article about the nuances of training, I made a video response to the question. Check it out right here!


as always make sure to check out for more great career building information!

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