What 2 Wear: Musical Theater Audition

By Jadée Nikita as told by Kristin Yancy

boardWhen it comes to auditioning for a broadway musical or any other musical theater production it is important that you first know about the production you’re auditioning for.  Do some research on the story line, characters and costumes.  Watch movies and other video clips relating to the play.  What are the dancers wearing?  Is it a period piece? Are the dancers athletic or whimsical?  After answering those pertinent questions it’s time to start curating a winning audition look.  For almost every musical theater audition you will be required to wear form-fitting clothes that best show off your body and technique.  But how do you do that without looking blah, or blending in with the other 300 girls who are auditioning for the same part?  Fly Gyal’s previous health writer, Kristin Yancy, recently booked the National Tour for West Side Story and performs with the cast this winter!  Since she’s been through the trenches and knows what it takes to book the job, we enlisted her help.  Check out her golden nuggets of knowledge below:

Basically, it’s a good idea to have some go-to outfits that you can then make minor changes to and update easily.  I’d recommend three:

“Athletic” Version

Auditions like: Bring it On & Legally Blonde

Wear an outfit that is fun and youthful.  It should show off your body and you must feel comfortable doing athletic moves like jumps, tumbling and turning.  Pack a vest to easily funk up the look.

Our picks: Black spandex with a cute side seam and a fun crop top.

“Classic” Version

Most auditions like: Chicago, A Chorus Line & Memphis

In this situation, you want to look clean, sleek and polished.  Technique is the key here, so you want to wear an outfit that compliments your lines.  You shouldn’t wear any baggy clothing, and everything needs to be pinned in place – especially your hair.

Our picks: a flattering leotard (your color of choice), tan fishnets & character heels.

“Contemporary” Version

Auditions like: Lion King, Hair, and Kinky Boots

Again, you want to wear an outfit that best shows off your body.  Kristin says, this look is like “a cooler version of what you would wear to class – shorts/leggings and a bra/crop top situation.”  Going in with socks may seem like a good idea at the time, but most choreographers will want to see you perform the combination with bare tootsies.

Our picks: mock turtle neck crop top with cut-out long sleeves, a black brief, and Capezio’s foot thong.  K.I.S.S is the motto.

After you have the basics you can start to style and accessorize yourself in the vein of the show – the more you look the part, the easier  it will be for them to ‘see you’ as a potential cast member.

 Always Pack

  • Headshot
  • Resume
  • Sheet music (in correct key)
  • Sneakers for vocal call backs
  • Skirt/cover up for call backs
  • Safety Pins
  • Hair essential like spray, bobby pins, clips, and bands
  • Pen
  • Water bottle and light snack
  • Music and headphones to get in the zone

Hope this helps you feel comfortable the next time you walk into a musical theater/broadway audition 🙂 Merde!

FOREVER 21 Cutout Crisscross Leggings $18 / WILDFOX Varsity Crop Top $41 / Capezio Princess Halter Leotard $15 / Adult Fishnet Tight $8 / Capezio Adult T-Strap 2.75″ Heel Character Shoe $220 / Boohoo Alex Cut Out Shoulder High Neck Crop Top $8 / D&G UNDERWEAR Brief $29 / Keds Women’s Champion Sneaker $30 / TOPSHOP Black Pocket Skater Skirt $36 / Rhinestone Button Post Dance Earrings $6.95


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