Trend of the Week: Skater Skirts

By Jadée Nikita

A good skater skirt can do wonders for your movement on the dance floor.  They are fun, flirty, and are a simple cover up solution for taking your class-wear to street-wear.  Imagine every time you spin, pivot or pirouette, your skirt billowing in response.  It’s a beautiful picture.
Skater skirts come in so many prints, materials and colors. When shopping for them, make sure you choose one that’s functional for your style of dance, one that fits your physique and shows off your lines, and one that comes in a color that compliments your skin tone.  You should always dress for the occasion/class/audition your attending.  So use your best judgement and discretion when selecting skirt lengths, patterns, and materials.

Our faves:  We can’t get enough of large hipster graphics, sheer metallics, faux leather, hi-waisted skirts, camo print, and those attached to suspenders.



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