Letting Go of Stress…

By: Cody Frank

Stress affects the majority of people. Whether it’s family or friends, conflicts, a stranger cutting in line or pushing you out-of-the-way for a subway seat, financial issues, you dislike your job, you didn’t book that job at the audition, you have a pimple on photo shoot day, your date stood you up, pressure you’re feeling, an event that causes it, conflicts, death, or even health issues.  There are infinite reasons for stress, but how is it  really affecting you?

Stress can cause health issues. According to Mayo Clinic stress can have effects on your body, mood, and behavior. These are all related to health. For instance that headache, fatigue, lack of motivation, irritability, drug/alcohol abuse, and social withdrawal could stem from a type of stress in your life.

Being more mindful is something that can bring peace in yourself.  Continuing from my post last week I’ll be discussing working on health on the inside. I read an article that gave 7 Simple Tips on How to Stay in the Now. It described how to decrease stress. It helps the reader arrive to the core of his or her stress.

The first step helps the reader to identify his or her habitual tendencies. These are generally negative and arise from an emotion. What you think is what you become. After you have identified your tendencies, you can create reminders (both external/internal) that serve as a red flag to check yourself. We must take responsibility for our thoughts/actions and ourselves. Who better to improve us than ourselves? No one knows you better than yourself. If you have no idea who you are, it’d be beneficial to look into it. You spend a lifetime with yourself.  Personally, my interactions with others are a good check. All of our relationships are a mirror reflection of our own thoughts.

It is helpful to practice acceptance as well. That is another step, the author mentions. You are not perfect and that is what makes you human. Practicing mindfulness is a daily exercise.  A few tendencies will be more difficult to break than others. {like those annoying child proofed packages} If you persist in reaching mindfulness and engage in things you’re passionate about the results can be peace. This Fly Gyal is out for now. Deep inhale and exhale.

Cover Photo Via Margaret Ling

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