Are You Cut Out For This?


-By Brian Henninger

Sometimes in our lives and careers we need to give ourselves a gut check.  Professional dance is an industry where if you don’t LOVE this with all of your heart, it is extremely hard to navigate the constant rejection and stay optimistic about your dreams.

This video serves as a question to you, the dancer. Are you cut out for this? Are you ready for the thousands of hours you will spend perfecting your craft? Are you ready to be financially unstable at times and be unsure of how your going to pay your bills? Are you ready to be more physically mentally and emotionally drained then you’ve ever been? Are you ready to fight for your opportunities even when you are considered a veteran? Nothing in this industry is promised, but I can tell you this with certainty… If you decide that you ARE cut out for this, the freedom, joy, beauty, and moments that your hard work is rewarded with will be nothing short of LIFE CHANGING!

So watch this video, and then honestly ask yourself, ARE YOU CUT OUT FOR THIS?


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