Take action before anything happens.

By: Cody Frank

Last week I gave you a few suggestions on clinics for affordable healthcare as a dancer/artist.  This week I’ll be talking a bit about preventative medicine. Preventative medicine/Health education is and has been the forefront of the health field for the last decade or so. Being a student in the academia world, an employee/volunteer in the hospital, and a patient myself I have heard this focus continuously.

I volunteered at Harkness Center for Dance Injuries. Harkness Center for Dance Injuries is a clinic dedicated to the health of dancers. Their mission statement is “To enhance the health, well-being and quality of life of dancers and dance companies by providing state-of-the-art, affordable medical care.”

Through the clinic and BDC Educational programs staff I was introduced to the Injury Prevention Assessment. This is a free assessment that is offered for dancers. The duration of this assessment is one-hour with a therapist. I participated in one of the free assessments a while back. A therapist will review and screen a dancer’s medical, nutrition, performance, and any complaints. This screening is used to determine specified exercises that will prevent injury for the individual. I was given around 10 exercises to execute daily. If would have completed those exercises daily…like I was suppose to. (where most people fail, following through rehabilitation or prevention) I would probably not have been injured as much this past year. I strongly suggest this. Your body is vital to you as a dancer.

To schedule a session call: 212-598-6022.

*By appointment only

LOCATION: 614 2ND AVE (Between 33rd and 34th St) SUITE G FLOOR 2, NEW YORK, NY 10016

In addition, Harkness is a great place to go for Physical Therapy for dancers. I was a patient for them last year and it was an overall good experience. I should have been more inquisitive and voiced my concerns more. However, Harkness understands dancers and what their career consists of.

Health insurance is a complicated topic for many people. I myself do not understand it. I can provide a few links or resources for you to understand more about it.

Via the government: Healthcare.gov

Via Dance USA the paper entitled Health Care Options for Independent, Uninsured, and Underinsured Dancers. 

Resources for individuals seeking health insurance and health resources

•        Freelancers Union

•   Dance/NYC

•       Media Bistro

•        TEIGIT

•        In NYC: Financial Assistance by NYU Langone Medical Center and Harkness Center for Dance Injuries

Short term health insurance For those between jobs or recently graduated


Resources to get insured or access to affordable healthcare: (Please copy and paste into your browser.)

  • The Actor’s Fund: actorsfund.org
  • Dancers’ Health Insurance Research Center: dhirc.org
  • Artists’ Health Insurance Research Center: ahirc.org
  • The Freelancers Union: freelancersunion.org
  • Media Bistro: mediabistro.org
  • TEIGIT: teigit.com
  • Health Pass (for small business owners or sole proprietors): healthpass.com
  • Needy Meds (free and low-cost medications): needymeds.org
  • Some major retailers offer inexpensive medication, such as Target and Wal-Mart
  • The National Mental Health Service Locator: store.sarnhsa.gov/mhlocator
  • The Performing Arts Clinic in LA: brighamandwomens.org/Departments_and_Services/neurology/services/PerformingArtsClinic.aspx
  • The Free Medical Clinic of Greater Cleveland: thefreeclinic.org/
  •  The San Francisco Community Clinic Consortium: sfccc.org
Photo Via Cody Frank

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