Quality Of Movement Vs Quantity

-By Brian Henninger

Quality over quantity. This seems like a pretty simple concept. Having a few things of a high quality is better then having a thousand things of low quality. This is true of most areas in your life, and dance is no exception. In professional dance the Quality of your movement is everything. It is something individual to you, yet also a concept that affects every area of your professionalism and career.

In this weeks #TheArtistInfluence we talk about how this simple concept affects all the areas of your dancing, and how to put it to use for yourself. Often times the simple and effective choice will win out against trying to do “the most” large movements and big gestures in your performance to get your point across. If you are serious about being an artist, and being clear and concise with your message, then this video is essential.

Check it out:


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Photo credit: www.bet.com


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