Fly Gyal Beauty Survival Guide Tips

By Jadée Nikita

13-10-09 cover

As a lady and especially a Fly Gyal, having a few beauty tricks on hand can get you out of a lot of unexpected wardrobe jams and beauty malfunctions.  Peep a few of Fly Gyal’s beauty survival guide tips below:

Pearly Whites

Want to brighten up your smile but don’t have the coins for a professional whitening  system?  Or whitening strips may be too strong for your sensitive gums so you’re looking for a more natural tooth whitening solution?  Well, for under $5 you can get an affordable and effective teeth whitening treatment by mixing a small solution of baking soda with the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon.  Once the solution is mixed (and the fizz dies down), wipe your teeth and mouth with a cotton swab to rid it of excess plaque and saliva.  Next, dab a separate cotton swab in the solution and rub on teeth.  Let sit for 1 min.  Rinse and gently brush teeth with a toothbrush.

*Important: Do NOT leave solution on teeth for longer than a minute.  The acid will erode tooth enamel.  Recommended to do once a month. 

pearly whites

The Dr. Oz Show: Natural Teeth Whitening Solutions

Fix the Rip

Got a slight run in your stockings and you want to fix the damage before it gets any worse?  Try dabbing clear nail polish at either end of the run to stop it dead in its tracks (or around the hole, depending on the type of tear).  Now, this won’t repair the the rip, the run will still be there, but the nail polish avoids it from getting any larger.  Let dry for 3-5 minutes.

*Tip: Polish will show up on stocking so make sure to dab access polish off with nail polish remover and a cotton swab.

*Tip: If still wearing the stocking, place a piece of paper under the stocking to avoid getting nail polish on your skin.  When drying polish, check to make sure the paper doesn’t adhere to stocking.

beauty tip2


Poutier Pouts

Want to pucker your pout but don’t feel like shelling out for expensive lip plumpers or injections?  Try this DIY and save your extra dough for those sneaker wedges you always wanted 😉


  • DoTerra peppermint oil
  • Your favorite gloss


  • Add 1 drop of DoTerra peppermint oil to your favorite gloss and mix well

That’s it 😉


Courtesy of BuzzFeed

Cover Photo Via Clear Skin Day Spa

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