You Are A Business

By Brian Henninger

As dancers and artists we tend to sometimes forget how much of a business mindset our industry requires. Every time you attend an audition, every time you go to class, and every single time you leave your front door you are representing yourself as a brand with the hopes that people want what you are selling. What are you selling? You’re probably thinking “I am selling my abilities as a dancer and performer” which is true, but if that is all you think you’re selling you are sadly mistaken. You are selling your brand, and what is that? It is your punctuality, your technique, your physical appeal, your ability to communicate, your comfortability on camera and off, and most importantly you are selling your potential. The potential you have inside to go far beyond just dancing backup for an artist, the potential to become a respected legend someday in the industry, the potential to do something never done before, the potential to change the world with your art.

In this week’s video I take you through a few different areas of professionalism as a dancer. This is not just to help you make a first impression but to get you to see outside of just being a backup dancer.  The reality is that gigs are just that.. gigs. They end just as quickly as they begin.

After you get off that world tour you’ve been working your whole life to book, what do you do? What is next? How do you leverage that money you’ve made to set yourself up financially? How do you make decisions about where to go next? Beyonce is on that first flight to her mansion, while you are flying coach back to NYC or LA. This is why viewing, and conducting yourself as a business is paramount to insuring you have a long lasting and fruitful career in the dance industry.

If you are still sitting there saying “but Brian, I just want to dance for (enter artist name of choice) and that’s all I want”, I truly hope you can see within your self that you are capable of so much more than that. How will you use your passion and art to change the world?

Watch this video and start asking yourself those questions:

“Artist Influence” Video

Check out for more career building information


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