Capitalizing On Opportunities

By Brian Henninger

Opportunities of all kinds are put in front of us every single day. As dancers we spend most of our time seeking out opportunities to perform and do what we love, but often times the opportunities that can totally change our lives show up when we least expect them. How, then, can we capitalize on those once in a lifetime opportunities when they come? How can we be aware of opportunities around us that we may not currently know exist? Finally, how can we make sure we are prepared to take on these opportunities when they come unexpectedly.

In order to be able to capitalize on opportunities we must first be aware of them, and be aware of ourselves and our path to find opportunities that meet with the path we are on. Secondly we must be prepared for them when they present themselves. How do we do this? How can we “hard wire” ourselves so that we are always aware of opportunities existing around us?  This week’s video should serve as help to you in your journey and get you thinking differently when it comes to visualizing what you want to create in your career.

Check the video out here!

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Cover photo via Data 1



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