Apprenticing And Mentorships

By Brian Henninger

One of the most overlooked aspects of the dance industry is the importance of apprenticing. Also known as mentorships, this practice is not new and it exists within any trade or craft. Basically the idea is that you work under someone who has done the things you want to accomplish in your career or atleast is in a much more established place then you. This work is often done with no pay or credit given, but this should be seen as an investment of great value.  Pretty much every one of the most well known choreographers have assistants, and many times these assistants have quite a bit to do with coming up with choreography, and movements that the choreographer will then use. These assistants are gaining extremely valuable, on the job knowledge by working closely with a choreographer.  This builds a foundation for a strong working relationship and more opportunities in the future.

It is really easy to get in the state of mind where everything is about money, and it becomes hard for us to see value in things that we aren’t getting paid dollars and cents for.  Realize this fact, this industry is built on relationships. Some of the best relationships in this industry are formed between choreographers and their assistants.  If you get the opportunity to assist a choreographer on a job… DO IT!

How do you set yourself up for this?  It can happen many ways, but one of the best ways is to start forming that mentor relationship with your favorite teachers who are also choreographers.

I go over all of this and more in this weeks video.

Check it out here!

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