Westernized medicine and holistic medicine

By Cody Frank

Westernized medicine is used in the United States and most European countries. It is also known as allopathy which is a system of medical practice that aims to combat disease by use of remedies (as drugs or surgery) producing effects different from or incompatible with those produced by the disease being treated.

As a dancer and someone who studied health in hopes of becoming a doctor or physical therapist in college I truly believed in westernized medicine. I’m not implying that westernized medicine is not useful. It is!  However it depends on what you are dealing with.

For now I will give you the facts. I turned to Holistic medicine when I received an injury (a cervical herniated disc and a bulging disc in my neck) I tried everything that westernized medicine gave me. None of it helped for a prolonged period of time. I needed a way to learn to manage my injury so I could continue training in dance. I didn’t believe in holistic medicine but it helped my specific injury. I thank a few dance teachers, friends, and doctors for actually suggesting the alternative methods.

There are various types so I will give you an outline. The lead agency in the federal government funds scientific research on complementary and alternative medicine. This agency is entitled the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM).  It classifies complementary and alternative medicine into the following categories: *Whole medical systems – practices on the philosophy on the presence of energy in the body or the power of nature. *Mind-body medicine – strengthens the communication between your body and your mind. *Biologically based practices  – dietary supplements and herbal remedies *manipulative and body-based practices – methods that use human touch to manipulate or move certain areas of your body, and *energy machine – therapies that re-balance and unblock your energy force. The differences between the therapies are not perfect, because there is overlap between the therapies with certain techniques.

Personally, I believe a combination of westernized and alternative medicine is best. Be to sure to inform your doctor about the alternative medicine you’re trying and ask if it’s right for you. I tried a few techniques and it helped me. Scary at first, but it did produce results. Take a look at the few links below and ask around to see if alternative and complementary medicine is something you could benefit from.


Thanks to Mayo Clinic, NCCAM, and AHMA for the above information.

Photo via WallpaperHD

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