Beauty At Your Fingertips

By Kimberly Roberson

In this fast paced world of technology and smartphones, beauty has not taken a backseat to our ever evolving demand for knowledge and information.

From YouTube videos, to blogs, digital magazines, and now mobile applications, everything you need to know is now is at the base of your fingertips, with your iPhone or smartphone.

Here are a few of our go-to apps when we are in a beauty pinch or just need our daily dose of beauty:



Looking for un-biased or variable non-sponsored reviews on everything beauty? MakeupAlley, which started as a small online community of beauty mavens, has now grown into one of the largest user-submitted beauty review site on the interweb. Users are able to view and post beauty reviews based on their skin tone, and select physical characteristics, allowing other users relate and make informed decisions prior to purchasing any beauty products.

MakeupAlley on iPhone: Link

MakeupAlley on Android: Link

MakeupAlley on Windows Phone: Link



Are you the ultimate makeup diva? BeautyLish would be your one-stop destination for beauty reviews. tutorials, and connection to other ultimate makeup divas in the world. In addition, BeautyLish offers a multitude of beauty articles and tips, in addition to featuring on-trend beauty looks for any occasion.

BeautyLish on iPhone: Link

BeautyLish on Android: Link





Skin care is one of the most challenging things to balance when it comes to beauty. mySkin strives on providing its users with unbiased reviews, as well as offer a quick skin assessment to recommend to you compatible products to aid you in finding the right skin care regimen. mySkin allows you to connect with other users, allowing you to share your experiences and latest product finds. In addition, mySkin is backed by a team of dermatologists, skin specialists, and cosmetologists, further giving you confidence in any products you choose from the site’s recommendations and reviews.

mySkin on iPhone: Link

mySkin on Windows Phone: Link


Pretty In My Pocket


If Pinterest and Instagram had a baby, it would look like Pretty In My Pocket (PRIMP). PRIMP combines the best of Pinterest and Instagram, providing you beautiful imagery of beauty looks and products, with the backing of beauty experts and makeup artists. In addition, PRIMP has more features including beauty reviews, and you can even snap a picture of a product’s bar code to garner more information.

PRIMP on iPhone: Link

PRIMP on Android: Link




COVER PHOTO: Tony Cenicola






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