Top 5 Dance Audition Pieces!

By Jadée Nikita

Top 5 Dance audition pieces

We asked and you told!  Here’s a list of your top 5 go-to dance audition pieces you keep on hand every time you have to nail that gig!

#5: A Rouge Lip

M·A·C Lipstick, Divine Night Collection $17

M·A·C Lipstick, Divine Night Collection $17

Versatile, vibrant, and vivacious, and strong red lip is a dancer’s signature!   Before you walk into any audition arena, smack your lips with a matte red shade, blot, and sashay away!  Stay away from glosses as they are waaaay too shiny and distracting, they tend to smear and smudge a lot more, and they don’t last as long as a nice matted lip.  Check out how to get stay put lips here!

#4: Bold Mesh Leggings

Nasty Gal Cosmic Crush Leggings $42

Nasty Gal Cosmic Crush Leggings $42

If you’re tired of the same old hi-waisted shiny black legging, opt for a bold colored legging with mesh insets instead.  They are sultry and unique enough to get remembered at a hip hop, commercial, contemporary, or agent dance audition and they create a nice line and when paired with a heel and crop top.  When you have to “show off your body,” mesh inset leggings can achieve that look in a subtle yet trendy way!

#3: Heels

Side Zip Peep Toe Booties $30

Side Zip Peep Toe Booties $30

Every fly gyal should keep a pair of heels in her dance bag at all times!  I can’t stress how important a pair of pretty pumps can make or break your chances.  When shopping for heels, your safety and comfort level are the most important things to think about.  Don’t go for large club pumps with a 3 inch platform and 5 inch heel.  You will not only be able to dance full out, but you will also send the wrong message about what kind of dancer you really are.  So keep it classy and make sure your heels have ample ankle support. Go for pumps with ankle straps, booties with laces or zippers, and pointy-toe flat pumps without a platform.

#2: Studded Bra

TOPSHOP Studded Lace Bralette $40

TOPSHOP Studded Lace Bralette $40

A studded bra says, “Yes, ma’am!  I’m here and camera ready!”  Whenever you audition for a job you want to walk in as if you are camera-ready or ready for a performance.  Directors don’t like to waste too much time wondering what you will look like on stage, so bring it when you walk in the room.  A bedazzled bra is a great conversational piece and when paired with the right bottoms, it can complete the look you want to achieve instantly.  For example, if you are auditioning for the role of a Anita in West Side Story (a fiery , sexy latina), wear a black lace bralette with red and silver rhinestones with a high-waisted trunk, fishnet stockings, and a thick belt to cinch your waist.  Pull your hair back in a bun and embellish with a red rose, and voila!  You moved on to call backs just because you look fierce!!

#1: Eyelashes

Eylure Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes $11

Eylure Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes $11

Eyelashes are the coup de grace to any dancer’s audition ensemble.  They make you look professional and polished, and ready for the job.  I love to shop for lashes that are longer and fuller than my natural ones.  Check out these tips on how to shop and apply them like a pro.

Eylure Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes $11 / TOPSHOP Studded Lace Bralette $40 / Side Zip Peep Toe Booties $30 / Nasty Gal Cosmic Crush Leggings $42 /  M·A·C Lipstick, Divine Night Collection $17

Cover photo via NYC Dance Stuff

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