Staying Inspired

By Brian Henninger

What do you do when your inspiration fades? How to you stay inspired and hungry the way you were when you first started in the industry? How can you seek out other sources of inspiration to fuel you through all of the hard bumps and turns that the road takes as you move through the dance industry?

Inspiration is something that everyone has experienced on varying levels in their lives and careers. It’s that feeling of knowing you are on the right path, that you’re close to or even already achieving your dreams and goals. It is the momentum that pushes us head first into all of the naysayers, the haters, and the people that say we CAN’T and gives us this iron shell of armor to push us through and show all of those negative people that we in fact CAN make our dreams a reality despite what the world may think.

This video covers a few thoughts on inspiration and how to stay in that zone despite every negative moment that may come our way.

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Cover photo via Aaron Schulefand


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