Your Lane Is The Best Lane

By Brian Henninger

In this crazy dance industry that we all inhabit there are numerous different paths our individual careers could take. When you start your dance career it is near impossible to predict exactly where you will be years later. It is due to this fact that many of us fall into the trap of focusing far to much on what everyone else is doing. We tend to focus on all the opportunities that others are getting, especially when we may feel like we are more deserving or more talented. This is a dangerous, and unhealthy way of thinking about your career because you are putting energy and effort into focusing on someone else’s “LANE” , and not the “LANE” that your creating for yourself.

In this week’s video I talk about how defining and cultivating your own “LANE” or path through this industry is the best most well adjusted way to go about your career. Why build a career based off of jealousy and chasing the dreams of others?  Find your own “LANE”. It is always the best “LANE”

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