WARNING: Thanksgiving is a Recipe for Overeating

By Cody Frank

Thanksgiving is around the corner. You are thinking about the delicious wafting of the turkey in the oven, stuffing, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, pumpkin pie, and all of that goodness. Every family or individual has a favorite holiday food/drink whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not. Holidays are a time that many people overdo it because they are some of the greatest food days of the year.

Below are healthy eating tips for Thanksgiving dinner or any special dinner you have.

  1. Eat healthy portions:

Start out with half of your plate with vegetables, fruits, and if you like a whole wheat roll. A quarter of your plate should be given to meat such as turkey or ham. A quarter of your plate with mashed potatoes or sweet potatoes. Try to stick to one serving of the unhealthier dishes. Such as that candied yam casserole or that scrumptious pumpkin pie, and my personal favorite the stuffing.

  1. Thanksgiving dinner is not your only meal:

Do not do the classic I’m not going to eat all day so I can save room for the holiday meal. Not eating causes hunger that will make you over eat. Eat some breakfast in the morning or a snack before the actual holiday meal.

  1. Substitute:

Switch out unhealthy ingredients with healthy ingredients. When cooking Thanksgiving dinner switch out the butter/cream and salt with chicken broth, herbs, and garlic for the mashed potatoes. In the green bean casserole supplement the fried onions with toasted almonds. When eating any meat, avoid eating the skin on turkey and it will cut out some fat content. If you’re making the pie, choose whole wheat pie crusts, and use skim milk instead of evaporated milk. Say no to the whipped cream or use half the serving you usually would. Take half of a serving for anything that is not nutritious.  Choose wine over other alcoholic drinks because it will give you the less calories.

  1. Go for a walk and drink water:

Lower the temptation of overeating by drinking lots of water throughout the day. Many people mistake being hungry for actually being thirsty. In addition, get up after the meal and do a little walk to start your metabolism back up.

  1. Dodge snacking throughout the day:

Abstain from continuous munching on the delectable food by covering it up and putting it away once you are done with dinner. Not seeing the food will help you from thinking about it. When you are snacking or just having a bite here and there it adds up fast.

In the end, Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy the company of your loved ones, and remember the gratitude that we could remind ourselves every day. Enjoy it and if you over eat a little it’s not the end of the world, you’ll just feel it in your waistband that day. I hope that you have a relaxing and fulfilling day fly gyal.

Thanks to Women’s Day, Discovery Health, and Live Science for the information.

Cover Photo via Astascadero

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