Your Wintry Skin Curses Mollified

By Cody Frank

It’s that time of year where you put on your scarves, mittens, and snow boots. The snow is covering the ground, the wind is crisp, and when you awake in the morning you do not want to leave the comforts of your bed under your blankets. The thought of stepping on the frigid floor gives you the chills! The cold weather and arrival of winter is not only a wake up call for your body but it can also cause sunburn, windburn, and dry/irritated skin. Below are helpful tips to help keep your skin more comfortable.

– Apply sunscreen that is at least SPF 15 every day before you go outside. Just because you aren’t sweating doesn’t mean that you do not need to reapply. Your dry skin from the winter weather will dry up the sunscreen, so reapply often.  And remember lip balm w/SPF as well.

– To lessen that itchy and dry skin, use soap that is made for sensitive skin. In addition, try a hypoallergenic detergent when washing your clothes. This will help decrease the irritants on your skin throughout the day.

– When putting on layers, watch how you layer your clothing. Wear cotton layers closer to your skin rather than wool. Soft and less abrasive fabrics will give your skin room to breathe and cause less itching. Make sure to layer all your clothes and not just certain items, the cold will creep into those areas you forget.

– If your clothes become wet, remove them as soon as possible. Wet clothes irk your skin. After that dance class where you’re sweating profusely, bring a change of clothes. DO NOT walk home in wet sweaty clothes. One you stink, two  it’s hard on your skin, and three you could get sick.

–  Switch to milder and unscented daily grooming and beauty products during the colder months. It will be gentler on your skin and cause less irritation.

– Decrease your shower and bath tub time. Hot water takes away oils from your skin which decreases moisture. Take a shorter bath or shower with lukewarm water. That hot shower may feel great but your skin will appreciate you more if you turn down the temperature and limit the duration.

– Invest in a humidifier. The air in winter becomes very dry. The way to add moisture back to air is through a humidifier in your home or bedroom.

– Moisturize frequently. Avoid moisturizers with alcohol in them because they dry out your skin.

– Finally, drink water. Water is just as essential in the cold months as the hot months.

These tips will help you feel more comfortable this winter season. A Flygyal is on point no matter the weather. Nothing can stop her..not even Jack Frost.

Thanks to Discovery Health, EczemaNet, and Woman’s Health for the above information.

Cover Photo via 7 Beauty Tips

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