Snacking Healthy

By Cody Frank

Holiday season is almost over and you’re thinking I just gained 10 pounds from inhaling all of that phenomenal food. Yet you still find yourself hungry after that late night rehearsal or shoot right before bed. What to eat?! First thing that usually comes to mind is something salty, sugary or carb loaded. Satisfy your stomach and self by opting for  healthier options.

A late night craving could happen for any of the following reasons:

-You’re dehydrated.

-You had an early dinner

– There’s not enough protein in your body

– Low sugar or salt levels in your body

– You are bored.

A healthy late night snack is a light but filling snack. It’s advisable to choose a snack with a high protein content. Below are some examples. Before eating your snack, drink a glass of water to make sure that hunger is what you are feeling.

– Veggie sticks with a little bit of hummus. (3 tablespoons is recommended).

– Greek yogurt with fresh fruit such as berries.

– 1 piece of fruit with a slice of cheese

– Whole grain crackers with 1 tablespoon of peanut or almond butter

– Avocado on whole grain toast

– Popcorn on the stove with not a ton of butter or salt added afterwards.

Prepare your healthy snacks before you leave for the day. When you arrive home hungry, you will not have to think twice about what to grab to eat. The trick is to snack on foods that won’t increase your blood sugar, trigger cravings or add weight to your body. Late-night snacking is unavoidable but manageable.

Thank you to FitDay, Glamour, and Women’s Health for the information.

Cover Photo via Power Beauty Fitness.

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