2014! Three Ways To Hit The Ground Running.

By. Brian Henninger

2014 is here at its time to get serious and focused about your goals. As trivial as it is, the simple idea that we are entering a new year can allow you to reinvent parts of your self and your dance from a clear blank canvas.  We tend to allow ourselves to let go of the past year and really embrace the new at this time of year. Lets use this momentum to hit the ground running and talk about 3 simple things that you can do to get the jump on opportunities in the new year!

1. Get rooted in Your major goals: We all start our journeys in dance with goals that will change over the years but most of us settle on a few major goals that we really feel passionate about chasing. Use this time of year to get back in touch with not only WHAT your major goals are but also WHY you are so passionate about chasing them. Many times simply doing this will either re affirm that your chasing the right goal based on how you feel about it, or in some cases you will realize that maybe you need to adjust those goals.

2. Make sure all of your materials are up to date: This is more of a simple tip but its one that many will neglect. Make sure as the new year starts that all of your materials ( Headshots, Resumes, Casting Websites, ETC) are up to date. This insures that the most up to date representation of yourself is visible to the people who may book you for work this year.  Be in the habit of always making sure everything you have to show is up to date so that you can always put your best foot forward.

3. let the negative go: Make sure to take this time to let go of any negative frustrations about auditions, classes, performances, anything related to your dance from this past year. Holding on to frustration from the past only blocks your ability to progress foreword. Being at all focused on a bad performance or audition is taking energy away from your ability to positively move foreword. Take the lessons for what they were but make sure to leave them behind the second they have served their purpose. Remember that your success is due to your actions, your actions are due to your thoughts, and your thoughts are due to your mindset. Choose a positive optimistic and focused mindset, and it will cause you to progress faster then you ever have.

I personally can’t wait to see what is ahead for everyone in this coming year. Its amazing that we can dance and with hard work be able to make it our living. I hope all of you remember how lucky you are to be doing this, and remember to love it!

Happy new year!


Photo Via : https://8share-production-my.s3.amazonaws.com


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