Dance Fashion Forecast 2014 Part 1

By Jadée Nikita

Out with the old and in with the new – year that is!  Now is the time to bust out your pen and pad and jot down everything you want to accomplish in the coming year.  Instead of sticking to the mundane, think outside of the box and imagine big, bold changes for your inner-self, personal life, career, and style.

2014 is in fact the time to be big and bold with your fashion choices.  From the runway to the streets my favorite dance fashion trends tend to walk on the wild side like mixed prints, extreme sheer, globs of layered gold accessories, and patchwork sequin.  So I dare you to replace all the black in your closet with bright, bold colors.  I challenge you to put the “zazz” back in pi-zazz by mixing prints like stripes and plaid.  Get that new ‘do you’ve always wanted, or purchase that clever looking onesie and wear it in public (lol, yes I said it!).  Let the new year entice you to be BIG & BOLD in your own unique way – all within good taste, of course.

With that said, I want to share my favorite big & bold dance fashion trends for 2014 with you.  The list is so large I thought it would be best to break it down into four parts.  So be sure to check back every Monday this month as I  reveal more of my 2014 dance fashion forecast.

14-01-06 trend forecast


Bling out your dancer frame this year with a cute belly chain or body chain in gold or silver. They are the perfect way to accentuate your curves, and are a great way to accessorize your look on a dime.  However I advise wearing these with caution, and only in hip hop classes.  The safest bet is to take off all dangling jewelry before any dance class.

Style Tip: I love pairing my belly chains with crop tops and low rise baggy jeans with boy shorts underneath.

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Bikini Gold Link Beach Crossover Belly Body Chain Necklace $5 / Lipsy Charm Belly Chain $15


Black and brown leather always make a good fashion statement.  But since our aim is to be big and bold this year, try adding bold hues to your leather choices!  My personal favorites include lemony yellow moto jackets like this Burberry London Leather Biker Jacket in Tourmaline Yellow, fire engine red leather loafers, and layered leather arm cuffs in mint green, blue, and pink.

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BURBERRY LONDON Leather Biker Jacket in Tourmaline Yellow $1,872 / La Mer Mint Clifton Chain and leather Wrap Watch $100 / Art’s Desire Flat in Red $30


Historically revered as a symbol of French heraldry, this year’s “It” floral, the fleur-de-lis, screams vintage in a chic-regal way.  If you can find a trendy button down blouse in this print, then you hit the dance fashion vintage jackpot this year!  Just stay away from the Ed Hardy, biker and rhinestone fleurs-de-lis look.  It’s just bad mmm-kay?!

MOSCHINO VINTAGE city print blouse $682


Before you hit the dance floor this season, roll up your pant leg, and get to werk!  Shorter pant legs, wide elastic ankle hems, and cuffed peddle-pushers are a unique way to add swag without the high price tag.  You look clean and polished, but still like a person who I’d want to dougie with 😉

Style Tip: Shop for sweats in cool prints and materials like animal print and vegan leather.

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Vero Moda Donna Sweat Pant $54 / Blank Denim Vegan Leather Sweatpants $84

 Dance on and don’t forget to check back next week part deux! 

Cover photo via NY Daily News 

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