Fly Gyal’s Dance Wish List

By Jadée Nikita


This weekly wish list features funky dance and tech gadgets we can’t wait to get our hands on here at Fly Gyal!  From vintage cameras to futuristic urinary devices, you never know what we’ll find.  So be sure to check back every week as I reveal our favorite dance and tech toys.

Konstruktor DIY Kit

This is the perfect gift for Fly Gyal’s who love to snap, rattle, and roll!  With this DIY kit  your photographer/videographer friend can enjoy putting together their very own 35 mm SLR camera, complete with stickers, detachable 50mm f/10 lens, and top-down hood viewfinder that allows you to frame and capture your subject with ease.  Great for beginners looking to have fun, or professionals looking to freshen up their portfolio, the Konstruktor 35mm camera is something we all have our eyes on!


Go Girl Funnel $12.95

Finally!  Is all I have to say about this product.  Ladies, we can now pee standing up.  Did you hear me?  We can now tinkle with freedom!


The Brick $69.99

Initially made popular in the early 90s by Hottie McHotterson,  Zack Morris of Saved by the Bell, this gi-normous brick phone can now be ours for a steal!  With a battery life that can last for a month, bluetooth compatibility, and a mini SD card slot for music, you can not only sync this retro classic with your smartphone but you can also turn it into a speaker and play your favorite music from your SD card!  Wowza, talk about a dance techie’s dream come true!  Perfect for dance teachers on the go, or dancinistas who love to show off 😉

the brick

Cover photo via 107.1 K-HITS

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