2014 Dance Fashion Forecast: Part Deux

By Jadée Nikita

14-01-13 part 2- west coast

So last week I dropped the first part of my dance fashion forecast, highlighting all the trends I’m excited to see this year.  This week I bring you part deux, and we’re takin’ it back, back, to Cali, Cali!  That’s right, West Coast swag is in full effect this spring.  As seen on the runway at Rodarte’s Spring/Summer 2014 fashion show, LA street wear is influencing fashion in a big way.  Now is the time to start shopping for your favorite lumberjack inspired flannel plaid shirt, distressed denim jeans, and gold chains.  For a modern twist, wear a fancy crop top with embellishments, cut-outs, or fringe with Coltrane cutout booties, and a baseball cap worn to the back.  For an extra grunged out look wear a beanie instead.

Single-buttoned Flannel Shirt

The single button flannel shirt worn with sagging khakis originated with the “homies” in East LA.  Now it’s hit mainstream in a big way. Our favorite plaid color combos include blue and orange, red and black, and black and white.  But the options are limitless.

Style Tip: Make sure your flannel top is loose-fitting.  I’ve never seen a homie rock an extra small shirt and get a way with it.  If you know what I mean?

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MADEWELL Plaid Boyshirt in Rose Tartan $80 / Lazy Day Plaid Shirt $18

Globs O’ Gold

Think Slick Rick, Mr.T globs of gold.  I mean, you want to layer gold chains, pendants with bling, chain bracelets, and bangles whenever possible.  LOL ok well let’s not go overboard.  With taste, you can turn up your outfit from, “girl, bye” to “fly”  by just following this step.  I, personally, will only wear three necklaces max at a time, and when it comes to necklaces and rings, the more the better.  And your metals don’t have to match either.  If you feel like throwing on some silver, black or pink accents to balance it out, feel free!

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La Mer Gold All Chain Wrap Watch $1oo / Boss Pendant Chain Necklace $8 / Eliza Chain Choker $45 / Armitage Avenue Bangle Set $13

Fancy Crops

If you thought crop tops were a hit last summer, think again.  This wardrobe staple has upped the ante this year, as we’ve seen on the runways, crop tops are being glorified with fancy embellishments, fringe, plunging necklines, cutouts and more!  So this year, don’t opt for the basic tube top bandeau, get fancy and shop for a crop top that can be worn on the stage as well.

Style Tip: Wear your crop tops as much as possible this spring/summer by pairing them with your favorite overalls, single-button flannel shirt, and low-rise boyfriend jeans.

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Nothin But Net Cropped Tank $20 / Fringe Queen Crop Top $18

Coltrane Booties

One of my favorites this year has got to be the coveted Coltrane bootie.  First made popular by Jeffrey Campbell, these cray cray adorb cutout booties are so functional, comfortable and stylish you’d be nuts not to own a pair.   Just about every major fashion house has their own unique version, and even stores like Forever 21 and H&M have a pair you can snag for less.  My favorites this year include patent leather and animal print combos, ones adorned with gold hardware, and pointy toes.  Check out our favorites from Forever 21 below.

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Sleek Cutout Booties $28 / Buckled Cutout Booties $40

Jean Machine

Hey, hey now, so word on the block is Gap is taking their jean collection back to the beginning and reintroducing their first jean collection from 1969!  That means more skinny legs, patchwork and distressed denim is on the horizon for 2014.  I also love a good distressed boyfriend jean cuffed at the ankles.  Other denim hits this year include denim skirts with slits, the ever-so-loved cutoff bootie short, and my personal fave, the overall!  2014 is the year of denim.

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Saya Acid Wash Tassel Pocket Denim Hotpants $40 / Current/Elliott The Stiletto distressed stretch-denim pencil skirt $220 / One Teaspoon Cobain Awesome Overalls $150

What do you think about the west coast swag trend?  Leave a comment below and don’t forget to check back next week as I revel part 3 of the 2014 dance fashion forecast series.

Happy dancing!

Cover photo via Rodarte

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