6 Power Napping Tips

By Cody Frank

We’ve all had those days where we are dragging or fall asleep the moment we have time to sit still. Some of us go for that caffeinated cup of coffee, down an energy drink, or take a cold shower. Napping is another option and if done right can counter the effects of sleep deprivation. It can boost energy and production. Below are some tips to help you make the most of that power nap. You can look fly for that audition or rehearsal that you feel you’re not going to be able to get through. If you’re an insomniac it’s wise to avoid power naps because this can disturb your sleep pattern even more.

1. Make the area dark and eliminate excessive noise. Turn your phone on silent other than your alarm, put your computer to sleep, and do not turn on the television. If you’re someone that does not like it being too quiet, turn on some white noise such as relaxing music or a fan.

2. Give yourself a time limit of napping. 25-30 minutes of napping. If you’re extremely tired and have time, go for a 90 minute nap which will give you a full sleep cycle nap. If you have no time 5-10 minutes of rest will help as well.

3. Nap between the hours of noon and 4pm. This will match the low points of the body’s circadian cycle.

4. Quiet your mind by thinking of a single word or listening to music.

5. Skip the guilt. Think of it as an investment to make you more focused.

6. Try a caffeine nap. Down a cup of caffeine such as coffee before you fall asleep and 20 minutes later when you awaken the caffeine will kick in and have you ready for your day!

Power naps are great to use when you need it but make sure it’s not a substitute for your actual sleep time. A walk after lunch and sunlight can also give you an energy boost if you do not have time for a nap. Rest is just as important as exercise. Remember your health needs to be taken care of too.

Thank you to Lifestyle, CBS, and Harvard Health for the above information.

Cover photo via Emily Sloan

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