January 2014 Beauty Superheroes: Saving Your Beauty Budget

By: Kimberly Roberson

Beauty products, especially good  beauty products can get expensive. Beauty products are consumable products, it gets washed off your face, and down the drain every night. Makeup and beauty products are probably one of the most overlooked, unexpected expenses when you’ve hit pan on your powder, or the end of your favorite lipstick. And no Super Fly Gyal ever need to face the world bare faced, and un-UV protected unless she chooses to!

High-end products start normally at $15 and can skyrocket up to $75+. Drugstore and Superstore prices start at around $3 and can be as expensive as $20 per beauty product. It is relatively important for you to consider budgeting your makeup and skin care purchases, no matter how big or small your collection.


Thoughts to evaluate when considering setting a budget for your makeup:

  • What products work extremely well for you? (i.e. “Holy grail, can’t live without it, if it was the only item I would take on a deserted island..”
  • What is your usage per product? (i.e. How often do you need to repurchase? Do you use this item every day, special occasion, or collectable?)
  • How OLD is the beauty product? Remember, makeup and beauty products can be breeding grounds for bacteria if not properly sanitized after each use. (Reference chart below)

    Click image for larger view

    Click image for larger view

So let’s pretend your most loved products are your foundation, favorite nude lipstick, cleanser, and budge-proof eyeliner. Whatever their costs are, budget them into your monthly makeup spending plan. Your favorite products will account for a majority of your budget, and any non-essential extras will fill the rest of your expenses.


Finding ways to save on your beauty products is not hard to attain, as long as you are willing to do a little “Not-So-Extreme Couponing” on your beauty items.

For luxury or high-end brands, sites like Hautelook offer quality makeup, fragrances, skin, hair, and nail care products at up to 50% off retail prices than what you would find in department stores. We’ve found brands such as LORAC, theBalm, Kevyn Aucoin, Cargo, Urban Decay, Coach, and so much more on Hautelook‘s beauty section. The catch: New and different deals are offered daily for a limited time and quantity. It’s best to catch the deals as soon as the sale opens each day (10am EST). Expect shipping time of up to 10 business days.

If you can’t bare to wait an extended shipping time, another site, just like Hautelook, offers 2-day shipping with membership. MYHABIT is an Amazon-powered daily deal site, with high-end luxury brands featuring clothing, shoes, home decor and necessities, and of course beauty products.

If you’d rather not shop online, you can also visit stores like discount stores Nordstrom Rack, Marshalls, and TJMaxx offer makeup and beauty products both high-end and low-end for prices up to 50% off. However, selection and availability may be limited.

Additionally, for those on tighter budgets, you can always shop at drugstores and superstores, like Rite-Aid, CVS, Walgreens, Target, and Wal-mart and coordinate newspaper coupons (delivered on Sundays) with sale prices.


With a whole world of selection when it comes to makeup and beauty products, there are ways to curve your budget by purchasing items both luxury and lower-end quality. We created 2 info graphics below to aid you on what to splurge, and what to save on:



Foundation: Finding the right foundation formulated for your skin type and tone, is the most important part of your makeup regimen. It’s the base of all your makeup, and should be of good quality.

Lipstick: With thousands of brands to choose from, most lipsticks fall in the same price range ($12-$20). So if you find a shade and a formula you love, feel free to splurge.

Eyeliner: Nobody likes runny, smudged, raccoon-looking eyeliner, so it’s best to invest in a high-quality water and smudge resistant formula guaranteed to last.

Makeup Brushes: Good quality makeup tools and brushes will make a world a difference in your makeup application. For Fly Gyal approved brushes, read this post: Fly Gyal’s Top 10 Makeup Brush Picks

Skin Care: The most important beauty items you should be splurging on. Great makeup, starts with great skin, so invest in a good quality skin care system that works for your skin type and sensitivities; while protecting you from UVA/UVB rays and maintaining your youthful radiance.


Mascara: Mascara should only be kept for 3 months, mainly due to bacteria and formula performance (after 3 months, mascara formulas usually dry out and flake), there is no reason you should be shelling out no more than $16 per mascara.

Gel Eyeliner: Just like mascara, this type of eyeliner has a limited shelf life, as it tends to dry out with prolonged use. You can find gel eyeliners in your local drugstores or superstores for a fraction of the price of department stores.

Highlighting Pens: Rather than purchasing specialized highlighting pens, let your eyeshadows and cream shadows do you the favor. Most eyeshadows and cream eyeshadows are offered in the same highlighting shades, which can multifunction as your highlighters.

Makeup Wipes and Eye Makeup Removers: No need to spend an exorbitant amount on these makeup removers. You can save so much money by purchasing them at drugstores and superstores (often on sale or with a manufacturer coupon), and in some cases, we have found that store brand removers work more efficiently than name brand removers.

Lip Pencils: Unless there’s a one-a-kind color you are looking for, we suggest lipliners to be a part of your smaller budget. Formulas do not vary by much when shopping for lip liners. They are normally priced very reasonably at drugstores and superstores, that you can get three liners for the price of one department store lipliner.

PicCollageWhen it comes to professional salon services, there are a few ways you can trim your budget, but splurge on the important parts as well.


Pedicures: You can opt to D.I.Y. your pedicures, but you’ve worked hard, danced hard, partied hard, and you deserve to pamper yourself once in a while.

Professional Hair Coloring: This one is best left to the professionals, a hair coloring disaster could end up in you paying more than what you intended, and hair you never wanted. With that said, make sure to research your hairstylists before hand, and make a little room in your budget to tip for a job well done.


Manicures: With a little practice, and patience, you can learn how to give yourself a salon quality manicure, that you might give those nail ladies at the salon a run for their money!

Hair Cuts: No, don’t cut your own hair! But do consider finding a good hairstylist at lower-end salons such as Fantastic Sams, Hair Cuttery, Regis, and etc.. for your trims and haircuts.

Lastly, you can also find great deals on salon and beauty services on websites like Groupon, another daily deal website that offers local deals in your area for services like restaurants, car repairs, home repairs and maid services, and so much more!

Happy Splurging and $aving!

Cover photo via ileela

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