Pain-free posture for sitting

By Cody Frank

This technological age has most of us sitting in a front of a computer for a good part of the day. Whether this is responding to emails, work related, auditioning looking, or just stalking our favorite choreographer on Facebook. (hehe).  Poor posture when sitting can lead to pain and there are several tips to help relieve that.

1. Position your monitor. Put your monitor so the top of it is at height of your eye line. Tilt the monitor upward slightly so you only have to move your eyes to see the whole screen. Your neck and shoulder muscles will be less fatigued at the end of the day because you keep your head in line with your torso.

2. Distance from monitor. Sit at least half a foot and half away from the computer screen. Additionally this helps to keep your head and torso in line.

3. Elbows, arms, and wrists. Keep your elbows at your sides and your forearms parallel to the floor. Then position your keyboard so that you can reach it comfortably without moving your elbows.

4. Back. Tilt your pelvis forward a bit when sitting so you’re almost sitting on your hamstrings rather than on your tailbone. This allows you to relax your neck and shoulder muscles.

5. Chair. You can use your chair’s backrest as long as you keep your pelvis forward. If you start slouching back in your chair, scoot forward a couple inches.

6. Feet. Both of your feet should be flat on the floor. Sitting cross-legged or on one of your legs are a no because it can cause you to be slouchy. Tip if your feet cannot reach the floor as your company if you can use a box or a footrest.

Thanks to Women’s Health and Huffington Post for the above information.

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