Five Skill Sets That Will Help In 2014

By Brian Henninger

Its 2014 and we are off and running! I hope that you all have had the chance to make it to a few auditions so far this year, and that you are pushing yourselves further in your artistry. Today I want to touch on a few skills that will be useful for you to hone this year for auditions and jobs. Check them out and put them to use.

1.Β Get used to feeling uncomfortable: Its a new year and its time to step out of your comfort zone. Use this principle and actually seek out opportunities this year for you to feel uncomfortable in dance class. Expand your class range to include things that will benefit different parts of your performance. Classes like Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary are great ways to step out of your comfort zone if your a hip hop dancer, but what about trying out a gymnastics class? or an aerial class? The more variation in movement and strengths you can showcase, the more hirable you will be.

2.Β Self Assessment Is Key: Its time to stop guessing what you look like and start filming yourself on a frequent basis to asses your growth. You would be amazed at the progress you can see just by watching yourself on film. Ask your teachers if you can film yourself in class, and if not do it on your own so you can get in the habit of reviewing your movement and looking for things you can work on. This constant drive for improvement will allow you to continue progressing no matter what. Remember not to be to harsh on yourself though πŸ™‚

3.Β Level up your branding: What can you do this year to put your personal brand in a better place? Do you have those business cards stocked and ready? Got a website your Β  working on? When is the last time you had a photo shoot to add some pictures to your portfolio? There is always more we could be doing to push ourselves to a higher level of professionalism. I am not suggesting for everyone to go and become workaholics but pick a few areas to push yourself a little bit harder this year. When you step out of your box and push yourself even a little bit further you would be surprised by the doors that can open up for you>

4.Β Taking Care Of Your Whole Self: In this industry we have an amazing opportunity to do what we love on a nearly day to day basis. This is an amazing thing and something that not many people get the chance to experience, But this gift can turn into a curse if it becomes something you get burnt out on. simple things like making sure you are getting enough rest, eating properly, managing your stress, etc, will help to keep you healthy in this some times crazy business.

5.Have A Hobby: Thats right, I am telling you all to intentionally not focus on dance. A hobby can be anything from watching movies, reading books, too things like sky diving, and big wave surfing! No matter what it is I think that it is more then healthy to have some thing outside of dance that is NEW this year that you can get curious or excited about. This gives you an outlet because it allows you to focus on something other then auditions, classes, etc. Try something new this year and stretch yourself!

Use 2014 to stretch your limits and ask more of yourself then anyone else ever could. You do that, and your already further along then the majority of people in the world. Go after it!

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