Painful blisters

By Cody Frank

As a dancer we have all experienced a painful blister or two. Blisters are caused by a combination of friction, pressure, and moisture. When the skin is subjected to repeated force it tears a few layers of the skin and a pocket of air or fluid forms between the skin layers. Below are some helpful tips to alleviate the pain and increase the healing of the blisters.

1. Before you wear your new shoes put on some socks and break in those kicks around the house. If you identify rubbing spots, slick on some vaseline/solution on those troubled spots before you wear the shoes.

2. Place gauze on your blister and then use lambswool or moleskin over the top of it to help protect it. Bandaids are no match for a blister. They will fall off immediately once you start dancing or sweating. You can also tape your blister and any spots that rub irritatingly.

3. Take some time off and rest your feet. The power of rest can do wonders. Soak your feet in epsom salts and water every night to help reduce swelling. If you have to pop a blister make sure the fluid is clear inside it. First wash with soap & water or alcohol wipe your blister. Sterilize a needle by holding it in a flame until it turns red and then make a small hole in the needle to let it drain out. After draining let it air our overnight. Before you put on a shoe, place some antibiotic ointment and a moleskin to protect it throughout the day.

In no time your feet will be feeling as good as new. Take the precautions to break in shoes, proper rest, and taping trouble spots. So you can be that Fly Gyal that you are.

Thank you to Women’s Health and Pointe Magazine for the above information.

Cover Photo via Irish Central.

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