3 Strategies For Your Next Commercial Audition

By. Brian Henninger

As dancers in the commercial world many of us will have to attend auditions for commercials for major brands, and various businesses. Often times these auditions consist of free-styling and improving a way that highlights the product. at these auditions we are only given a few minutes to prepare and usually only have one attempt. Its important to understand what the client is looking for and have your movement match it as best as you can. Here are 3 simple strategies that will help in your next commercial audition.

Understand that they don’t really know what they are looking for: Lets be honest, most casting directors don’t really know what they are looking for, because the client doesn’t really know exactly what they are looking for either. The reason is that they’re looking for someone to show them this abstract idea they have in their head. Because of this we should approach commercial auditions as open as we can and realize that all we can do is be as present as possible and use our instincts.

Sometimes the part itself will change before you even audition: Be ready to be flexible because sometimes the character breakdowns can completely change before you even audition. Lets say you show up ready to audition for the part of the younger sister, Before you know it your auditioning for the babysitter, or some other random part. This is why commercial auditions really are about showing who you are and letting your energy be as approachable as possible. this can affect the characters the casting director wants you to play and they will choose characters for you to play based off of the energy your giving them. This happens when you go in to play one character and they enjoy you so much that they ask you to stay and try out another. They want to see your range!

Get used to reading lines even if you don’t act: Many commercial dancers also get called on acting auditions with dialogue. Don’t let this faze you. In these situations its more important to just be yourself and say the lines in the way you would naturally while also using whatever direction they give you instead of trying to “play some character”. Imagine how you would act if you where in the circumstances of the commercial scene. Since most commercials are short and don’t have much of a story line, you don’t need to focus so much on creating a character. So if you get called on a acting audition don’t stress it!

Remember that commercial auditions, whether they be acting based or dance based, are never really about you, they are always about the product. Focus all of your skills on highlighting the product or the brands message, and don’t stress the outcome. Good luck on the next one!

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photo via- slcmediagroup.files.wordpress.com


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