Trend of the Week: Luxury Wedge Sneakers

luxury wedge sneakers

By Jadée Nikita

I don’t know about you, but wedge sneakers are my new favorite walking shoes!  They are comfy, super trendy, pair well with any outfit, and since I live in NY and can’t walk around in my pumps everyday, these fulfill that need without the ouch factor!  So now that we know the pros of why you should own at least 5 different styles of wedge sneakers, we need to talk about what to look for when shopping for that perfect pair!  I own about 7 pairs and have a little bit of knowledge on the topic…lol so pay attention!

When shopping for the perfect pair of wedge sneakers, always consider:

  • Heel Height:  Please never opt for the wimpy heel heights when it comes to wedges.  If you’re going to sell yourself short, you might as well buy some ballerina flats.  I always say, the higher the better!  If you go with a higher heel, make sure it’s balanced  out with a proportioned platform (for example: if the heel height is 4″ look for a platform of about 1.5-2″).
  • Toe shape:  In my search to find the perfect wedge sneaker, I noticed my favorite ones have a wider shape at the toe.  Aesthetically they look better than the wedge sneakers with a rounded-pointy-toe.  Although Jimmy Choo makes some really nice ones because it’s balanced with a slimmer sole, width, and higher heel.
  • Price:  Wedge sneakers are a great way to beef up your wardrobe with a fashion staple.  If you’re like me and you love to run around the city but don’t like to compromise fashion, these will be the perfect addition to your style arsenal.  If you buy a pair of wedge sneakers for $20, guess what?  They’re gonna look like $20!  The seems will start to unthread, in about 2 months your sole will slowly start to peel away from the rest of the shoe, and it jsut screams poor quality.  If you spend the money, not only will you look like a million bucks, but you will feel like it-literally.  The construction of the high-end sneakers are 100 times better, they will last you longer, and you can feel comfortable wearing them all day.  Besides, a Fly Gyal never settles for anything less than the best!

My favorite high-end wedge sneakers:

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1. Giuseppe Zanotti Colorblock Leather & Suede Wedge Sneakers $725 / 2. Giuseppe Zanotti Python-Print Patent Leather Wedge Sneakers $995 / 3. Chloe Leather & Canvas Wedge Sneakers $895 / 4. Ash Freak Metallic Studded Sneaker $132

If you loved this article, then share with your favorite gyal pals!  And while you’re at it, check out Fly Gyal’s online dance boutique here!  Happy dancing, divas!

Cover photo via Glamour Glutton

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