You Know You Want One – Guilt-Free Desserts!

By Cody Frank

Spring hasn’t quite sprung yet and I’m sure your cravings haven’t either. Summer season isn’t too far away and what better way to start thinking healthy than choosing a healthier dessert. No one says you can’t have dessert at all! Below are some ideas to choose for a dessert that won’t make you bloat or worry about that beach body. It’s a simple thing, swap one of your low nutrient desserts for something more fulfilling.

1. Yogurt parfait – Greek yogurt with some berries on top.

2. Bananas cut and sandwiched between almond butter or peanut butter.

3. Fruit cup – assorted fruit with honey and mint as the glaze/topping. You can add a few chocolate shavings as well.

4. Baked apples or pears. You can add a bit of cinnamon or honey inside them to create a delicious filling. In addition, boiling or roasting fruit is a great way to add a warm dessert treat during these chilly days.

5. Rice pudding with dried fruit and pistachios.

6. Homemade fruit sorbet or shaved ice.

7. Fruit kabobs – You could dip them in dark chocolate for a fondue.

8. Zucchini walnut bread.

Hopefully you can use these ideas or create your own alternatives. The above desserts have a low calorie, lower sugar, and low fat content compared to those twinkies or cookies you purchase at the store. Think healthy Flygyal, it’s not an impossible feat but a simple choice.

Thank you to Women’s Health, SHAPE, and Delish for the above information.

Cover photo via Isabella Thornton.

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