Stop a Cold Before it Starts

By:  Cody Frank

It’s that time of year where the weather is cold than warm than cold again. You wish the seasons would decide to just be Spring. Warmer weather is on the way but until it’s here, you can prevent colds from happening. Below are several tips on how to stop that cold before it starts!

1. Sleep more – Studies have shown that people who acquire 8 hours of sleep or more a night are less likely to get ill than those who sleep less. So get some extra zzzz’s.

2. De-stress – When you’re under stress whether from relationships, work, or ongoing conflicts for a month your immune system under reacts to viral and bacterial infections. This increases your risk for sickness. Give meditation a try.

3. Drink more water! – Hydration helps keeps your nasal passages moist which can rid little particles of bacteria.

4. Exercise – Working out regularly enhances your immune function.

5. Eat healthy food – Eating plenty of fruits and vegetables helps to support your immune system.

6. Keep your hands away – Don’t touch your eyes and nose. These places are the most likely entrances for germs.

7. Wash your hands – Anytime you shake someone’s hand or ride the subway wash your hands before you touch your face or eat. Running water over your hands will dilute the germs and send them down the sink drain.

8. Avoid people who are sick – This may seem obvious but it’s always easier said than done.

Hopefully with these tips it can help you to stop that cold before it starts!

Thank you to Health, Huffington Post, and US News for the above information.

Cover Photo via 1.BP blogspot

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