Around the World Beauty: Morocco

smokey eye2

By Jadée Nikita

For centuries, Morocco has housed some of the most coveted beauty secrets and treatments for women.  The diverse landscape of beaches, mountains, and desserts is a goldmine for beauty enthusiasts interested in replacing their everyday products with all natural and organic ingredients.  For example, Henna, lava clay masks, black khol, Rhassoul rocks, and the most widely known, Argan oil are just a few of the Moroccan-born beauty gems passed down from generation-to-generation.  If you ever get the chance to visit this North African Kingdom, be sure to indulge in tradition and browse through the markets, or souks, and shop your favorite Moroccan beauty treasures.  I highlighted three of my favorites below:

3.  Black Kohl Powder

blck kohl

Black kohl powder is a symbol for many religious and therapeutic properties in the Middle East.  Believed to be the first commercially used makeup product dating back to ancient Egypt, many mummified pharaohs have been found with the product in their tombs, symbolizing its importance in life and the afterlife.  Often made by grinding a natural rock called galena,also known as lead sulfate, black kohl is also believed to have healing powers.  Before Ray Bans, it was used as an antimicrobial substance for the eyes, and was worn by many to help protect from the glare of the sun and its harmful UV rays.  Today, black kohl powder is primarily used as a cosmetic eye liner and shadow to give ladies a sultry smokey eye.

2.  Argan Oil

argan oil

Argan oil comes from the fruit of the Argan tree which is native to Morocco.  This all natural oil is great because it’s high in vitamin E and essential fatty acids which is perfect for the hair, nails, and skin.  Unlike other oils, argan oil works well as a moisturizer for the skin because it absorbs well, and doesn’t have a greasy feel.  There are so many ways to use argan oil for trouble spots.  Below are a few benefits:

Lip moisturizer

Heals acne and minimizes scarring

Hand and cuticle moisturizer

Hair moisturizer

1.  Moroccan Red Clay

red clay

If you have oily, acne prone skin and you’re looking for a way to shrink those pesky pores, eliminate blackheads, and balance out an uneven skin tone, then you’ll love this traditional Moroccan beauty treatment.  Red clay is a refined powder that is rich in detoxifying minerals and natural skin healing properties such as Dolomite, Silica, Ferric Oxidek and a high iron oxide, giving it that signature red appearance.  If used regularly (once a week), you will begin to experience other great benefits, like:

 Soothes skin conditions like rosacea, eczema, sunburn and psoriasis

Cleanses and exfoliates inflamed skin

Detoxifies and improves blod circulation

Improves skin’s texture, leaving it feeling soft and radiant

Can be used as an overall body treatment for problematic breakout areas like the back and chest

*Beauty Tip: when mixing your own mask, instead of using regular water, opt for a tablespoon of your favorite toner like rose water.  For extra benefits, add a few drops of lavender, jojoba, tea tree OR rose essential oil.  Whatever helps you out the most!

*As always, consult a physician before making any changes to your skincare regiment.

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Cover photo via Coffee Rings Everywhere
Information courtesy of eHow

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