Social Media Made Easy

By Brian Henninger


Simple strategies to add value to your brand

We all know that in the ever changing world of social media and internet presence it is important to explore ways in which we can use technology to help us increase our brand. This can seem overwhelming to some, especially the more introverted dancers in the industry. How can we use technology and social media to help us further our professional dance careers while not overwhelming ourselves with hours of extra work per week? How can we network with others in our profession in order too further each other and expand our art form in positive ways? Here are few easy steps you can take today to get the social media ball rolling in your personal career.

Don’t live and die for likes: It is so easy in our ever increasingly connected world to get hung up on the response you are getting through social media to your tweets, posts, etc. In order to really build a community around what you do online, one of the first things you have to do is detach yourself from the approval of everyone, because you will never get it, Ever. You simply can’t please everyone, but the beauty of the internet allows for us to reach people who genuinely do love what we do. I truly believe that their is an audience out there for ANYTHING, and right now there is a huge audience for dance on the internet. Work on building a legitimate following online while not worrying about the numbers, but instead focusing on the quality of content that your putting out.

Be yourself above all else: When you are working on building an online presence it is very important to stay focused on staying true to who you really are. Creating some characterized online version of yourself is exhausting and while it can be entertaining it doesn’t allow people to really get to know YOU. Trying to keep up an online persona that is anything less then completely true to who you are is a recipe for disaster because at some point you will get to a place where you realize you are being fake. Make sure that your being authentically you and the right people will find their way to your viewership.

Set goals based on producing rather then receiving: Setting some simple goals for your social media presence can really get the ball rolling. Make sure that your setting goals based on things you can actually achieve. It is one thing to say “I want to get 100,000 views”. This is a very arbitrary goal and it gives you no road map with which to pursue it. Instead, a goal like “I will challenge myself to put out two new videos per month that showcase my dancing” is much more specific and also actionable. You can schedule those videos and brainstorm them ahead of time. After a while those 100,000 views your looking for WILL come but if your so focused on that end number instead of the step by step process it takes to get there, you will end up feeling overwhelmed instead of empowered.

Social media is a clear part of the dance industry nowadays. It intersects with teaching, choreographing, and showcasing yourself as a performer to potential employers. Learning how to use social media for networking and showcasing ourselves can lead to REAL work. Explore your inspirations and starting thinking of ways to share that inspiration with the worldwide audience, in addition to all the great training and auditioning your no doubt already involved in!


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