Loving your body? Try a home massage to boost your health.

By Cody Frank

You know when you have sore muscles or cramps or knots right when you wake up or after a long day? Rubbing them out at home has benefits and is a great way to help your overall health as well.

A home massage will help increase your blood flow. The pressure and vibration from massage increases the blood flow to your painful spots to reduce inflammation. In addition, the increased blood flow speeds up tissue repair.  Massage helps to alleviate the pain and offers a way for you to keep doing what you are doing throughout your day.

Another way to help a massage is to use temperature such as heating or cooling packs. Heat increases blood circulation which decreases the pain from repetitive strains and osteoarthritis. Cold reduces swelling and inflammation from muscle and joint injuries. A dual heat/cold gel pack works wonders that you can find at your local pharmacy store.

The pressure and touch dial of massage decreases the amount of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body. The pressure and touch also give neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine a boost. This causes a drop in depression, anxiety, and stress hormone levels. Why you feel relaxed and less stressed after a massage!

Studies have shown that massage increases delta waves (linked with a deep sleep) which makes you fall asleep easier. If you’ve ever felt your attention waning during a massage, your delta waves have been increased. Since you’re pain has been lessened and you’re more relaxed; sleep will come easier.

Home massages are essential for your overall health. It may not be as luxurious as a massage done by a professional but self-care starts with you. Make sure to give your body some extra love.

Thank you to Women’s Health for the above information.

Cover Photo via Wellness Today.

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