Dance Side Hustles Perfect For Summer!

By Jadée Nikita

Summer is here, and I hope you’re loving every minute of it!  For the dance industry, the summer season tends to be our down-time, or the slow period.  You will notice there are fewer auditions, and fewer gigs because most production work is in it’s brainstorming/ planning stages for Fall.  Therefore, you may find you have a lot more time on your hands but less money with which to do anything.  Don’t fret, my pretty’s!  As a dancer you can still make some cash during this stressful downtime, while maintaining your technique and having fun at the same time.  Below are a few “side hustles” (legal ones) that I recommend looking into, based upon your availability and other interests:

Flight attendants dance

Photo via The Guardian

1.  Private Lessons

If you know you are a good teacher, and have a special skill you can offer others, I recommend posting ads for private instructions, group classes, wedding dances, bat mitzvah’s, etc.  There are tons of people out there looking for a great instructor to teach them some simple dance moves.  Whether they are athletes who are looking to spice up their athleticism, bros who want to look cool dancing at a club, or grandpa’s who want to cut a rug at their granddaughter’s wedding, you want to be the instructor they call.  It’s easy to post ads on sites like Craigslist and FaceBook for a small fee, and if you know how to sell your services in writing, the upfront costs will be paid off in no time.

Photo via Storeya

Photo via Storeya

2.  Sell Merchandise

If you have a website and a decent fan base, consider opening an e-commerce store and and start selling merch. For example, you can sell t-shirts, DVDs, workout apps, or books by quickly setting up of a shopping cart on your site.  Marketing skills and some knowledge of running a website is required to start a store, and getting clients to actually shell out money to buy your product is the tricky part.

Photo via History Pin

Photo via History Pin

3.  Master Class Tour

Do you enjoy traveling?  Don’t mind doing it alone?  Then consider setting up a mini summer tour and teach dance classes around the country (or abroad) at various studios.  It’s easier than you think.  First, list all studios with which you have a good rapport.  Second, google dance studios in surrounding cities and get their email addy.  Third, draft a message including your bio, résumé, head shot, links, and your interest in teaching a master class at “x” studio.  Fourth start sending emails (separately of course.  Do not SPAM).

If you are interested in traveling abroad, start with step two.  Of course, if you have a friend who can vouch for your teaching/dancing ability and can recommend you to the studio they grew up in, that’s a great first step to take as well.

Have a prosperous summer, and remember that if you create your own opportunities you won’t have to wait around for Lady Luck!  Motivate yourself to be a better you 🙂

Cover photo via Web Granth
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