What NOT to Do in a Dance or Fitness Class

By Cody Frank

Group classes for exercise or dance are a great way to stay healthy! Along with this group setting there comes a code of etiquette that is recommended below.

Do NOT use the mirror like it’s your bathroom at home. (Nobody wants to see you flossing your teeth, fixing your hair to perfection multiple times, or just checking yourself out). You are here to exercise, not to walk a red carpet where the paparazzi is.

Do NOT wear clothes that do not fit. Before you step into your yoga or dance class make sure those crop tops stay crops tops and those sweatpants stay on. No need for a free show when you’re exercising. Keep that at home. In addition, it’s distracting to yourself and your classmates if you’re constantly fixing an outfit or trying to keep it on.

Do NOT be the person that creates bad body odor. We all stink sometimes but if you can bring another pair of clothes to change into (if you’re doing more than one class; the damp fabric is the perfect home for smelly bacteria), brush your teeth, and bring deodorant; it will prevent excessive smells that make your stomach queasy.

Do NOT be chatty Cathy. Yes, it’s exciting to see your friends and to catch up but remember it’s rude. You are cheating the instructor, your fellow classmates, and yourself if you spend even a few minutes talking. Wait to converse before, after, and during breaks. You’re here to exercise your body not your mouth. Save it for happy hour.

Do NOT be the class know it all. Yes, in larger class sizes, the instructor cannot be everywhere at once. Instructors suggest that unless you are employed by the company or someone’s form is off that an injury is immediately coming and they ask for help you should focus on yourself! Nobody asked for your assistance or commentary, so do yourself a favor and keep those thoughts to yourself. You are a student and you came to learn, not to share your opinions with every one.

Do NOT do your own thing. Classes are a group activity which = you all do something together. If you decide to go off and do something completely different you are wasting your time and the whole class. It’s distracting and you can do that on your own time.

These friendly little reminders are good to look over.

Thank you to Women’s Health for the above information.

Cover photo via French Vanoli.
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