Protect Your Skin From the Sun With These 5 Helpful Tips!

By Cody Frank

The sun is shining, and you had a wonderful Independence Day. BBQ’s, swimming, and tanning are just a few things on your summer to do list. Most of these things happen outside and while the sun feels great! It has a few not so great consequences. Below are some quick tips to stay burnt free, wrinkle free, prevent skin cancer, and to keep your smile on.

– Avoid direct exposure to the sun from 10am – 4pm

. – Use SPF with at least 15 or higher daily. It has to have UVA and UVB protection. Check the expiration date before buying it and be sure to apply repeatedly. Sunscreen wears off fast, so every couple of hours would be wise.

– Wear clothing to protect skin such as hats and long sleeves with tightly woven fabric. Wet clothes actually offer less protection from the sun.

– Wear sunglasses with UVA & UVB protection. This protects the tender skin around your eyes and will help to lower your risk for cataracts.

– Seek shade when you need it. Whether it be a tree, clothes, or shelter. Overexposure to sunlight is one cause for harmful effects on the skin, eye and immune system.

Take the precautions now so you don’t have to worry about it later. Enjoy the sun, but think about the longevity, flygyal.

Thank you to WHO and CDC for the above information.

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