Shiny Much? 8 Tips to Combat Oily Summer Skin

Photo via Skeyndor

Photo via Skeyndor

By Cody Frank
You are sweating and realize that your face must look like a shiny disco ball. You dread those moments you look in a mirror and see your reflection of oily skin in the heat. It’s a nightmare. The oil, sweat, and summer hotness combines to create an image you’d rather avoid.  Here at Fly Gyal we will help you combat the shine!

  •  Wash your face two times a day – morning and night.  Use a cleanser that fights acne but one that will not dehydrate the skin. Over washing can cause more oil, which in turn will cause more acne. 
  • Use sunblock daily and reapply as needed. Sunblock will actually help decrease shine!
  • Change your make up routine. Foundation clogs your pores which causes them to produce more oil. Choose a tinted moisturizer for the summer that will act as a shield over the skin.
  • Use blotting papers that have a bit of translucent powder in them.  This soaks up excess oil without dehydrating your skin. 
  • Food diet. All those cocktails, ice cream, spicy ,and fried outdoors foods increase your blood vessel size. This causes the skin to create more oil. Your skin will thank you for sticking to more alkaline foods. Eat good amounts of Vitamin A because it slows down oil production. 
  • Extra skin care. Exfoliate once a week and follow with a mask after. This will help loosen and subtract the amount of oil in your pores. 
  • Drink enough H2O. 
  • Lighten up on any night creams you are using and only apply in places that it is needed.

Hopefully these tips will help you feel more confident as you go through your day. If your face is oily and shiny you still hold value.  Do not let a little shine get the best of you.  You are a diamond, so shine bright 😉

Thank you to Allure and Women’s Health for the above information.

Cover photo via YouTube
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