Best New Workouts for NY Dancers in 2014!

Photo via Well & Good

Photo via Well & Good

By Cody Frank

Some of you may be getting bored of your usual fitness routine even if you do get to run around a glorious city like NYC. When you are feeling in a slump and want to step outside the box; take a workout class from this list.  The following will help to relieve boredom stemming from routine, plus it’s always exciting to do something new, don’t you think?  Add a little spontaneity FlyGyal, you deserve it!


SoulCycle at – is a cycling class that adds push-ups and pacing to club like music. It’s a kick your butt kind of workout that makes you feel exhilarated especially when you might run into a few celebrities.


Brooklyn Bridge Boot Camp at – is a bootcamp on the Brooklyn Bridge. Yep, that’s right….you’ll be sweating on that 2.2 mile length bridge back and forth. Not only will you be doing the regular boot camp class, they incorporate resistant bands in their moves as well.


Hot Figure 4 at – is a hot (105 degrees temp) barre class that targets the abdominals, arms, butt, and thighs. Kate Albarelli (professional ballerina) made this class to loosen muscles so the participants can go deeper in squats, arm raises, and leg lifts.

Photo via YogAnonymous

Photo via YogAnonymous


SurfSet Classic at – is a class where there is a machine that looks like an actual surfboard that feels like your are moving against the resistance of water and are actually surfing.


Physique 57 at – is a barre class that will have your butt, abs, and thighs worked out to the max.

Photo via Star Tribune

Photo via Star Tribune

Those are only a few of the numerous butt-kicking workouts this city has to offer. Make some new connections at these classes to find out about even more. The variety never stops.

Thank you to numerous people and SELF for the above information.

Cover photo via Stay Healthy Fitness
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