7 Unique Ballet Bun Hairstyles + Tutorials

Photo via Fashion Diva Design

Photo via Fashion Diva Design

By Jadée Nikita

(sound trumpets) 

All hail the bun!  It is the quintessential hairstyle for every dancer in the business.  Most popular amongst ballerinas, this functional style is paramount for keeping hair out of your face and tying up the loose ends that can potentially weigh you down while turning.  However you don’t have to be a “bunhead” to sport a stylish knot every now and again.

Perfect for 2-3 day hair, the bun is sophisticated and is the best hairstyle for showing off your beautiful face.  So don’t worry if you skipped a day of shampooing.  After watching these video tutorials below, you’ll be ready to conquer that oily, stretched mane like a pro!

Classic Ballet Bun

Top Knot Bun

Braided Bun

Pinwheel Bun

Knot Bun

Rosette Bun

Braided Bubble Bun

 Cover photo via Care For Hair
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