Annual Appointments

By Cody Frank

Once a year women venture to the gynecologist to get that necessary check up. It’s important that you are honest with your doctor and yourself about the information you share. This will help to determine your sexual and reproductive health. The more information given that is relevant produces a more individualized care plan. Make sure to let your gyno know the following:

1. The medicines and supplements you are taking.

2. If your sleep and periods have been irregular.

3. If your period has changed lately. Is the flow more heavy or light?

4. If you notice an unpleasant smell down there.

5. Be honest about the number of sexual partners you have had.

6. If sex is painful.

7. If you’re having trouble orgasming.

8. If you occasionally bleed after sex more than once.

9. If you have had unprotected sex.

10. If you have been sexually abused.

11. When you’re thinking about pregnancy and fertility.

12. If you smoke or drink regularly.

13. Family health history.

Discussing the above subjects honestly will help you get the best care for you.

Thank you to Women’s Health and  Dr. OZ for the above information.

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