“It Gyal” Beauty Must Have: Christian Louboutin Nail Lacquer

photo via Reginah's Runway

photo via Reginah’s Runway

By Jadée Nikita

Ok, ladies, try not to freak out, panic, and do what I think you’re gonna do.  From experience, it’s best to take a seat when you first find out this information.  Are you sitting down?  Good.  Word on the street is our favorite shoe designer just dropped a new line of polishes to pair perfectly with those red-soled goddess pumps.  I know!!  I told you not to freak out, but that’s right!  The nail polish that first inspired Christian Louboutin’s “red bottoms” are now at our fingertips, in stores and ready to buy!  Like his shoes, you will have to shell out some dough, but if you’re on a budget, at $50, this is the best way to to get up-close-and-personal to the signature red that makes Louboutin’s artistry so coveted.

The History

Christian Louboutin has been drawing sketches of shoes since he was a teenager.  After a long break from the business, he decided to get back in the game and open up his own atelier.  Inspired by Warhol and the Pop art movement, he designed a shoe in 1992 called, Pensée.  Legend has it, his assistant modeled a prototype of the shoe for one last inspection, and after some time, he felt he was still missing something.  Back at the drawing board, he pondered, and his assistant went back to her desk bored, and began to paint her nails.  After watching her carefully stroke her nails with the scarlet polish he knew he found the answer.  “So I grabbed her nail polish, and painted the soles.”

photo via Kéla's Kloset

photo via Kéla’s Kloset

The Polish

According to this iconic designer, “the ultimate goal of the nail colour was to evoke shiny lacquer imprisoned in a piece of faceted crystal.”  The point is to indulge, luxuriate, and delight “in the pleasure of the object as well as in the pleasure of the colour.”

I just want to point out, Louboutin is famous for his “envelops,” aka packaging (but we’ll say envelops because he hates term “packaging”), and this beauty product lives up to his legendary artistry in design.  Not only is the polish encapsulated in crystal, but it’s topped off with an 8-inch long, pointy spire, that guess what, is also inspired by one of his previous shoe designs – the 8 inch heel Ballerina Ultima.


photo via Fashion Love

photo via Fashion Love

More to Come

That’s right, there’s more 🙂  Starting August 31st, the Louboutin team will release 30 new additional hues in 3 distinct color groupings: the pops, the nudes, and the noirs.  Notice how much detail and thought went into the design of his bottles.  I especially admire the way they matched the color of the bottle caps with the polish palette. Stark silver for the pops, a matted gold for the nudes, and a shiny gunmetal effect for the noirs.

As inspiration for the color palette, the team studied swatches of fabric and leather samples that are closely tied with the designer’s aesthetic from previous collections.  Once the colors were chosen, they manipulated the hues to complement varying skin tones.  I look forward to trying them all 🙂

Sources: ABC News, Zoe Report, Sephora

Cover photo via Dri Ferreira 
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