How to Find the Perfect Workout Shoe

By Cody Frank

You’ve been working out quite a bit more or you’ve finally decided to start on your summer workout plan. When exercising, and especially running, you want to wear the correct footwear.  Injury prevention is well worth the investment in yourself and a good pair of running shoes is a great place to start.  Check out the tips below for help on finding the perfect shoe for your workout regiment:

  • When trying on your running shoe there should be plenty of toe length. A estimate is to use a thumbnail-length of space between your longest toe and the end of the shoe.
  • Choose a seamless upper shoe that comfortably shapes the top of your foot.
  • Like a dance shoe make sure there’s some wiggle room in your toe box. Your toes need some space.
  • Take a light job around the store or on a treadmill if the store is fancy like that. You want your running shoes to hold your heel in place. The worst thing is to have a shoe that your heel slips out of every time you step.
  • A shoe that fits to the shape of your arch is important. An insert can be of assistance if you need a more customized fit.
  • A shoe that has a flex point will create a natural stride. A flex point is the crease when you press the toe into the floor…technically it should be the same place as your foot. Check for it!
  • Firmer shoes are best for people coming back from an injury or overuse. It gives you more spring-back which minimizes stress on your muscles that stabilize. Opt for the shoe that will help you with longevity rather than the one that feels good at this moment.

Thank you to Women’s Health and Runner’s World for the above information.

Cover photo via Run Street
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