Top 5 2014 VMA Looks – Red Carpet to the Stage

By Jadée Nikita

Glitz, glitter and glam was the scene at last night’s Video Music Award’s, and let me tell ya, the gyal’s and gents looked great!  Never failing to let us down, the fashion at the VMA’s packed a powerful and effective punch leaving us wide-eyed for more stunts, and show-stoppers.  We tried hard to narrow down the list, but here you have it, our top 5 favorite looks from the red carpet to the stage:


5.  Miley Cyrus.

She looked stunning in this leather bandeau and high-waisted harem pant combo.  Double thumbs up to the platinum silver sandals!

Miley in Margiela

4.  Kylie Jenner.

Never mind the sexy, black silk wrap dress with the thigh-high slit.  The best part of Kylie’s look is hands down her accessorizing.  The gold chain necklace and bracelets compliment her dress and skin tone, the black mani adds a sophisticated punk edge, and her makeup is naturally flawless.  Way to rock out in good taste.

Kylie Jenner in Giles & Brother necklace

3.  Jennifer Lopez.

Last night she put a whole ‘nother meaning to the term, JLo Glow.  This strappy, glittered gown was a show-stopper on the red carpet, and at 45, she made it look good. Like a Latina Barbie doll, JLo doesn’t let her fans down, and continues to rock the fashion world with risky, sexual ensembles.

Jennifer Lopez wearing

Jennifer Lopez in Charbel Zoe

2.  Kendall Jenner.

Looking like she just walked off the shore of Venice Beach, Kendall was effortlessly chic at the VMA’s last night.  With tousled hair, clean makeup, and carefully selected accessories, Kendall takes home the prize for best dressed in her family.

Kendall Jenner wearing Alon Livne

Kendall Jenner in Alon Livne

1.  Chanel Iman.

There are no words.

Chanel Iman in Balmain

Chanel Iman in Balmain


5.  Nicki Minaj.  Those shoes!!

nicki perf

4.  Nicki Minaj.  Hello Sequins and body paint!  She even has rhinestones on her nails!  New dance performance trend, mayhaps?

3.  Iggy + Rita Ora.  Double, double toil and trouble.  These two black widows entangled us in their web of cutouts and rhinestones and left us at the edge of our seats wanting more!

iggy-rita perf

2.  Taylor Swift.  Her energy is infectious, and that outfit is a dancer’s dream!  Sequins, beaded fringe and rhinestones, sign me up!

Taylor swift perf

1.  Beyoncé.  The best entertainer of our time, showed us once again why she is at the top of her game and still climbing the charts in this mirrored mosaic bodysuit.

Beyonce perf

Photos courtesy of E! Online & US Magazine

Cover photo via MTV
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