Talent is in your Choice – 8 Ways to Be a Better Dancer

Smuin Ballet in rehearsal of Carmina Burana

Smuin Ballet in rehearsal of Carmina Burana

By Jadée Nikita

Ever find yourself staring at a beautiful ballet poster, wondrously gazing at the perfectly posed ballerina who has an extension that goes on for days?  You tell yourself over and over, “I want to be like her,” and you work hard to get your lines just right.  Next thing you know you’re accepted into one of the top ballet company’s in the world.  How did you get there?  Was it natural talent?  Destiny?  Sheer luck?  Maybe, but you can’t underestimate the subconscious seed you planted and the hard work it took to get there.

To be a better dancer it takes a little more than talent.  There are happenings behind the scenes.  Climbing the dance industry ladder is like building a house – it takes hard work, sweat and dedication to lay each brick.  Every great icon will tell you, success never comes without a little elbow grease.

The tips below are by no means a recipe for fame, but they will get you on your way to becoming a better dancer from the inside out.  Cheers to your future success!

  1. Take risks.  Not unnecessary risks, but calculated chances that are in your best interest.  For example, making the big move to NY or LA, or learning something new like tumbling or french.
  2. Confidence.  Instead of worrying about the worst, prepare to do your best.  There is no time to doubt yourself when it’s time to shine.
  3. Inside Out.  When you’re happy with who you are as a person, you will exude passion, beauty and confidence from the inside out.
  4. Environment.  Maintain a clean work environment and living space, and make sure to surround yourself with motivating friends and acquaintances
  5. Work.  Vince Lombardi said it best, “The only place where success comes before work is in the dictionary.”
  6. Consistency.  If you are consistently working hard, great things are bound to happen.  Be persistent in pursuing your dreams.
  7. Goals.  Set big goals and take steps to achieve them.
  8. Discipline.  This started in our first day of ballet class with adhering to a certain dress code, being on time, hair in a bun with no fly-aways.  To be a great dancer you must exercise self-discipline.  Our bodies are our instruments, the better we maintain it the better it will work for us.
Cover photo via NY Daily News
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