Meals for the Last Days of Summer

By Cody Frank

Summer is almost over, I can’t believe it Flygyal. I feel like just yesterday it was the beginning of June, but perhaps that’s just me?  Alas, where has it gone?!  Anyways, soon, the leaves on all the trees will start to turn brown. Here are some recipes that I have tried (or randomly scrambled together) that make last day of summer taste great.


Hard boil 6 eggs for preparation for breakfast for a couple of days. (My favorite way to hard boil eggs…click on the link). Let them cool overnight and then in the morning. Peel the shell from one or two eggs depending on your protein preference. I eat the egg white only because of the cholesterol levels of the yolk however it is your choice based on your dietary needs. Grab some greenery (I opt for a spring salad bag mix in the morning) wash the leaves and then place them on a plate. Place your hard boiled egg on the greens and eat away. I always add a banana, greek yogurt or some type of fruit to make it a complete meal. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gets your metabolism going.


Pasta Salad literally. Cook some pasta and drain (corn or whole wheat depending on your intestine’s preference).  Pick your style of lettuce: romaine, spring mix, arugula, or kale. Mix your choice of lettuce with the pasta. Chop some tomatoes or if your lazy like me, buy cherry tomatoes and just wash and drop em in. If you enjoy bell peppers or cucumbers; they add a crunch to your salad. Pick your dressing, I opt for balsamic vinaigrette on my healthy days and then a creamy blue cheese on my indulgent days. For protein add meat, cheese, or quinoa depending on your lifestyle. And WALLA a legit pasta salad.

 ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Photo via Thumbs.dreamtime


Some suggestions: My healthy days – Kale chips, Hummus & raw vegetables, a piece of fruit, smoothie, vegetable juice, almonds, & veggie quesadilla. My not so healthy days – kettle chips, chocolate, ice cream, cheese & crackers, dessert, & soda. My non-healthy days I always feel a crash after eating it…remember food is fuel for your body.

Dinner/supper (The Midwesterner in me)

Bake or grill chicken breast/drumstick legs or grill some mahi mahi or tilapia. Season with olive oil or whatever your taste of herbs/sauce is. Steam some green veggies. Such as green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, spinach, or asparagus. Steaming vegetables keeps the nutrients in the vegetables rather than the water you’re boiling it in. You can also microwave the vegetables if you do not know what steaming is. If you need some starch add some minute rice or a baked potato.

Late – night snack

Proposals: Greek yogurt, ice cream (moderation is key), herbal tea, milk, black bean & quinoa chips, popcorn, veggie flatbread pizza, dates & almond butter or sorbet.

Just a few ideas, enjoy trying one or all. Remember, to always drink plenty of fluids. Drink a glass of water before every meal and a few in between.

quinoa-chipsPhoto via Media Cache.

Thank you to SELF, Fitsugar, and my kitchen for the above information.

Cover photo via Thumbs Dreamtime
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