Embracing the uncertainty…let go of ruminating

By Cody Frank

Now, I am one person that over analyzes. I over think things that most people would not think twice about. It’s an unhealthy mindset to have. Perhaps you are one to over think whether it was where to eat, what hair cut to get, if you picked the right outfit, your ex that you miss, that job you didn’t get, or that moment ago you offended someone. There are a million things we can over think and it is not necessary. Here’s some tips to let it go.

  • Stop exhausting yourself with news that is legitimate or the ever so popular gossip news column.
  • Cut down on stimulants (sugar, coffee, soda, and salt). No rush = no crashing.
  • Whenever your mind starts to wander to useless negative thoughts; infuse the mind with positive thoughts. I’m not suggesting for you to ignore your negative emotions. If you find your thoughts wandering to random worries, catch it with a positive or inspirational content. You can acquire this through a You Tube video on Ted Talks, a podcast, article or book, and or from another person.
  • Be proactive. Detoxify your mind by going out there and DOING things. Join your gym, go to that yoga class you always wanted to try, write in your journal, meditate, start on that organizing or cleaning project, do something that takes physical effort and focus. This helps to redirect the energy you are wasting on worrying into something useful; onto a specific goal, task or project.
  • When you start down that negative thinking cycle, change your physical posture. Stand up and take a quick walk. Shift and readjust your posture.



Photo via Lovethispic.

Accept the moment of uncertainty. We are all a work in progress. Embrace it and let go of over thinking.

Thank you to Huffington Post, Women’s Health Magazine, and numerous people for the above information.

Cover photo via Combative Mind
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