LOL is Beneficial for Your Health

By Cody Frank


Laughter has been known to be medicine for the soul. Recent studies have proven that it is beneficial to your health as well. Laughter has proven to decrease your cortisol levels which in turn decreases your stress levels. In addition, it can increase your learning ability and delayed recall. Who knew a little giggle could produce such results?!

When you laugh it can act as a buffer against the negative aspects of life. These negative parts of life can lead to depression but watching a silly television show can lighten up the mood dramatically. The mental health benefits of laughter are astounding and supports the fact that every one could try to incorporate laughter into daily life. This laughing thing is also good for physical benefits for your body and for your heart. When you laugh there is an increase in the oxygen-rich blood flow in your body that can relieve negative feelings and stress. Like the same rush you can get after a dance class or from listening to “your song.”

Need a few suggestions/techniques to help add laughter to your daily life? One, you could watch a funny movie or television show or read a funny book/comic. Two, you could spend time with that friend that always makes you roll with laughter. Three, you could go to places that remind of you of good memories that made you laugh out loud in the past. Remember the times that you feel like you can’t laugh are the times it could help the most.


LOL a bit more to increase you health tremendously!

Thank you to Huffington Post and Everyday Health for the above information.

Cover photo via city of by ron city.

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