Struggles of having a VaJayJay




Above photo via women-laughing.

By Cody Frank

Being a woman has its pros and cons. Sometimes it can seem like having a vagina can be more of a nuisance. Below are some of the struggles.

1. Vaginal Dryness – men who skip that foreplay are not favorable.

2. Squatting to Pee – it’s a thigh workout to not touch the seat.

3. Queefing – just awkward.

4. Cameltoe – not attractive.

5. Childbirth – the impossible becomes possible when a child comes out of a tiny hole…

6. Ingrown Hairs – talk about pain.

7. Freshness Issues – has someone invented vagina deodorant yet?

8. Unpredictable Periods – heavy or light? cramps or nausea? spotting? mood swings?

9. Yeast Infections – enough said.

10. Is My Vagina “Pretty?” – all vaginas look different. If it’s healthy, embrace it.

11. Pubic Hair Design – the dilemma of waxing or shaving? brazilian vs landing strip? full bush? what’s the best?

Above are a few of the struggles all vajayjay owners share.

Thank you to Women’s Health and all women out there for the above information.

Cover photo via hdw.


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